A Totally Amazing Redmi 9 Power With Double Camera and IP Cameras


Anxious buyers have just one more day to buy the latest Redmi series in India before the competition toughens. Earlier in August, Xiaomi announced that it would be selling its second Redmi handset in two weeks from today (Monday, August 5th). If you are among those who missed the first launch, fear not because the second is on the way and prices are coming down! In this review we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the latest Redmi handsets.

For an average price of Rs 10k (without contract) and with a touch screen, the price seems affordable. In fact, the price of the xiaomi redmi 9 power comes down to Rs 8k with contract. This is quite an improvement over the prices of other handsets like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and Nokia E71 which starts from Rs 14k with a touch screen. The other difference is in the features – the battery of the device is comparatively bigger, and has a built-in GPS chip, besides several other sensors. The display, camera, sensors, and processors all have a few extra features. xiaomi redmi 9 power

An impressive technology to have at such a low price point is the ability to get a dual core 1 GHz processor, a high resolution HD webcam, a decent memory card, a micro SD card, a 2.5 inch capacitive screen, and a high definition camera with autofocus, video recording, and slow motion. In fact, the whole package looks similar to some top-end smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones. It also boasts of a six mega-apixel camera with image stabilization, and runs Windows Phone 8. For a connectivity goodies, it comes with wifi, GPRS, EDGE, USB, Bluetooth, and a micro USB.

What’s lacking in the set though, is a headphone jack and a memory card – something that most flagship smartphones have. Thankfully though, it comes bundled with a Quick Charge adapter and quick charger. The battery of the device is also quite unremarkable with a sixty-two thousand mAh capacity. The battery life of this smartphone is quite poor with a fifteen-minute charge giving way after just twenty minutes. In comparison, it matches the likes of the HTC Evo and Nokia E71 in terms of the longevity.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the xiaomi redmi 9 power has one of the best sound systems you can find on a smartphone today. It even has an astounding bass effect which is second to none. This is evident by the incredibly booming sound coming out of the phone. The dual speakers located at the top are also impressive with clear highs and lows supplied by headphones. This is a really impressive touch screen technology that works quite well, allowing you to browse the internet, watch a movie, or just plainly enjoy your music collection on the fly.

There are no words to describe how awesome clarity and sound quality is on this smartphone. All the other phones released byxiaomi are based on the company’s older generation iqsense 2.0 design, which saw the company struggle with the creation of an effective smartphone. Fortunately, it was able to overcome its issues thanks to the innovative and highly efficient QiSense technology. This new feature makes use of passive electric charge to power the screen, camera, CPU, and more. You don’t have to worry about turning off features you don’t need, or constantly turning down the volume because it constantly runs on auto-pilot. The battery is also capable of lasting over a full day on its own.

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